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The best professional pet grooming equipment starts with LISTENING

Thursday, Jan 15th, 2015

When it comes to designing dog grooming tubs, grooming tables, kennels, cages and other equipment to help your business stand out from the rest, we follow the philosophy of customer service leader Bill Quiseng who said, “Nobody raves about average.” Our philosophy is simply this: we’re driven to design OUTSTANDING professional pet grooming and boarding […]

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Colorful dog and cat kennel designs make you a stand out

Wednesday, Nov 12th, 2014

While many factors come into play when dog and cat owners consider which kennel is best for boarding their precious pets — a high-quality environment tops the list. A clean, modern, well-organized and attractive facility projects quality and stands out from other local options in a huge way. The color scheme, equipment choices and attention to […]

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Luxury dog kennel equipment is the key to a standout boarding facility

Monday, Oct 27th, 2014

Pet owner spending is staggering. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet spending is higher than ever, with a forecast of $58.5 Billion in spending for 2014. The report stated, “Pet services showed the largest percentage of growth last year, rising 6.1 percent from 2012, putting spending in that category at $4.41 billion. With grooming, […]

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Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 2

Wednesday, Sep 24th, 2014

Did you happen to see Part 1 of this series about how the right kennel flooring can make a WORLD of difference to your dog daycare, animal shelter/humane society or animal control center? Flooring expert Jeff Adney explained how the best dog kennel designs include flooring material that makes your life easy when it comes […]

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Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 1

Friday, Aug 29th, 2014

If you’re building or remodeling a high-quality facility for a doggie daycare, animal shelter/humane society or an animal control center, you’ll want to consider how your kennel flooring and equipment go hand-in-hand for safe and sanitary operation. The right floor material choice and installation process can make a huge difference in the success of any […]

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